Focus on drop targets and bonus multipliers.

Completing the drop target bank with the lit “X” increases your bonus multiplier. This multiplier holds over from ball to ball until you reach 7x (6x on some operator settings), when it will reset to 3x on your next ball.

The lit “X” starts the game on the center bank of targets, and moves to the left bank, top bank, and back to center bank upon completions.

Each drop target increases your bonus 1k. Max bonus is 39k (not including end of ball bonus multiplier)

Completing all three drop target banks on the same ball lights the extra ball on one inlane. The 1-2-3 lights (above the left slingshot) keep track of which banks you have completed.

If you leave one drop target on a bank, the pink light to “score lit bonus value” will be lit. Hitting the final drop target will collect the current bonus value (not multiplied).


Try to get an extra ball on every ball by completing all 3 banks of drop targets. If you do this your game can last forever.

Always focus on the bank with the lit “X” to increase your bonus multipliers.

Once your bonus multipliers are at 7x, focus first on getting the extra ball. Then repeatedly collect your bonus by leaving single drop targets and then completing with another shot. This will keep increasing your bonus and let you repeatedly score big points with each completion (up to 39k each).

For the upper drop targets, the right two targets can be hit directly from the lower left flipper. The left two targets may be backhandable from the right flipper. It has to be a quick flip so the upper right flipper doesn’t get in the way of the shot.

Although the orbit and spinner can eventually be worth pretty big points, by the time you have gotten the extra ball and maxed multiplier, collecting bonus through drop targets is simpler and more consistent than the orbits.

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