Flash Gordon

Completing the left lower drop targets light the left spinner for 1k. The second completion lights the right spinner.

The right inline drop targets award points, then bonus 2x, 3x, extra ball (can only get one per game).

After 3x, the 4x is completing the upper drop targets. Then 5x is completing the left drop targets.

Completing the upper 1, 2, 3 drop targets all down when lit lights 30 seconds of 2x playfield multiplier at center saucer and 50k mini bonus. The second completion lights the upper playfield collect bonus standup.

Completing the lower playfield colored lights lights 100k super bonus and 30 seconds of 3x playfield multiplier at the saucer.

Hitting the drop target above the upper flipper will open up the plunge lane. Getting the ball back up the plunge lane collects your whole bonus.

The saucer eject alternates between ejecting to the lower and the upper playfields.


Plunge softly to be able to get a good shot at the upper drop targets.

With the right flipper go for the left lower drop targets to light left spinner for 1k, and then left spinner all day for points and to feed the upper playfield.

With left flipper go for the right inline drop targets for bonus multipliers and the extra ball. Then right spinner to feed the upper playfield and hit either the drop target blocking the plunge lane or the plunge lane for bonus collect. (some software settings hold your bonus multipliers from ball to ball)

When playfield multipliers are running, lit spinner shots are great points and getting the plunge lane or the collect bonus target can be huge!

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I play in the East Bay, mostly in Alameda, Oakland and Emeryville. Oakland Pinball Warriors is my main monthly tournament, and only occasionally make it to San Francisco for tournaments. My IFPA ranking bounces around 500, depending on how many tournaments I get to. I am DavidLee on Pindigo and LEE on scoreboards

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  1. Hello, I was wondering if you could help me with the switches on the MCU board I’m not sure what the switches are supposed to be set at on or off thank you

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