Top roll overs (even when unlit) and the three standup targets spot animals in the matrix.

Each animal is worth 3k (I think) of Den bonus. You can complete it twice using the 45k bonus light.

Completing a row of animals advances frontier bonus.

Both Den and Frontier bonuses with multipliers are collected at end of ball. This bonus can also be collected through the collect bonus gate to the right of the upper lanes and through the small hole to the right of the right pop bumper.

1st Left orbit drop target lights the spinner and opens the collect bonus gate.

Further left orbit drop targets advance the frontier bonus multiplier and opens the collect bonus gate.

Right drop targets advance den bonus multiplier.

Extra ball on second A-B-C completion of the ball.


Hit the first left orbit target and then spinner all day. This will eventually fill both the Den and Frontier bonuses from top rollovers, do A-B-C completions for extra ball, have a chance to get through the collect bonus gate, and feed the pops for a possible collect bonus through the sneaky hole.

If you get the collect bonus through the gate, hit the left orbit drop targets to re-open and increase your bonus multiplier.

If the Den of Predators is completely full and the bonus collect gate is not open, you can work the right drop targets for Den bonus multipliers.

Very tap pass-able.

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