Eight Ball Deluxe

Build bonus with drop targets: The drop targets on the right are your rack of balls, including the eight ball in the middle of the short right orbit. Each ball down is worth 7k bonus. Complete seven balls (1-7 or 9-15 depending on your player number) and then hit the eight ball (possibly a dangerous return feed) to complete the rack and get the 56k bonus light. The targets are reset by completing the D-E-L-U-X-E standups behind the drop targets or losing your ball. Complete a second rack (on same or different ball) to advance to the 112k bonus light.

Get bonus multipliers: The left drop targets award bonus multipliers up to 5x. This shot can be dangerous, because the return bounce can head straight down the middle.

Collect your whole bonus! The saucer behind the eight ball collects your bonus with multipliers! Hitting the saucer resets the eight ball target, but their is no limit to the number of times you can collect your bonus on a given ball!

Shoot the left orbit! The left orbit progressively awards: 500, 10k, 30k, 50k, extra ball, 70k, special, and then 70k for rest of ball. On most machines you can get an extra ball on every ball and play forever! (Some machines alternates between extra ball and special being available).

Complete the top rollovers (A-B) to light one rollover for 25k (indicated by the yellow arrow). Complete all four green rollovers (A-B-C-D) to spot one target (other than the eight ball).


With the right flipper prioritize the left orbit until you get the extra ball. Even low value orbits have the chance to score a lot of points once A-B have been completed, because the pops sometimes repeatedly award 25k rollover lanes.

Once you get the extra ball (or if you aren’t playing with extra balls), from the right flipper you have a choice. The orbit is good value at 70k plus possible 25k rollovers, or you can go for bonus multiplier targets. Due to the danger of the bonus multiplier targets and the required two shots to get the collect bonus saucer, I won’t go for them until I have the 112k bonus lit.

With the left flipper prioritize completing racks until you have the 112k bonus lit. Absolutely prioritize the eight ball to complete a rack, because once you complete the eight ball you will get a new rack at the start of your next ball (without having to complete D-E-L-U-X-E). If I have the 112k bonus lit and 2x+ bonus multiplier, I then go for the collect bonus saucer.

The only exception to this is if I am close to getting the extra ball. If I am one or two shots away from the extra ball, I will alley pass to get the ball to the right flipper and then go for the left orbit.

Alley Pass

In tournaments, I still tend to go left orbit from the right flipper (unless the pops are really nasty). The points really add up, and the extra ball will either be set to award points or you will get your end of ball bonus (up to 112k) when you plunge and walk away. I do switch to going for the bonus multipliers after lighting the 56k bonus, but I still try to complete a second rack before doing bonus collect saucer repeatedly.

Good luck!


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