Harlem Globetrotters On Tour

So Harlem Globetrotters is a fairly simple but very fun game. It is also a great game to try tap passes on, because there are times you want to shoot with the left flipper and times to shoot with the right flipper. There are a few different software settings/ROMs, so games you play out in the wild may vary slightly.

The drop targets on the right are the most important part of the game. Each one adds 1k to bonus, spots a G-L-O-B-E letter, and increases the left spinner value. The second, third, and fourth targets also give 2x, 3x, and 5x bonus respectively.

The spinner on the left varies in value: 10, 100, 200, 1000, and 2000 depending on how many drop targets are down. Spinner hits at 1000 or 2000 can be worth a ton of points.

The top saucer adds 3k to bonus. On some machines it spots the flashing G-L-O-B-E letter when the saucer is made, and other machines it automatically spots the next needed G-L-O-B-E letter.

Completing G-L-O-B-E awards 50k.

Most machines have super bonus at 20k, 30k, and 40k bonus. If you reach these marks, that amount of bonus will be held for all remaining balls.

The Slam Dunk stand up target on the lower right can award open (right outlane) gate, extra ball, and special. Completing the orange standup targets on the left advance the Slam Dunk awards. This means you can get an extra ball on every ball by completing the left standup bank once and then hitting the Slam Dunk.

The center two spinners advance your bonus by 1k for every 5 spins.


Early in the ball you want to hit the right drop targets in order to increase the spinner value and bonus multipliers. From the right flipper I will tap pass to the left flippers in order to shoot for the drop targets.

Tap Pass

I try to hit at least three drop targets so the spinner will be worth 1k per spin. At that point I will shoot the spinner with the right flipper and the last drop target with the left flipper. Once all the drop targets are down, the saucer behind them scores 25k and kicks to the top saucer area.

Another priority is to get to at least 20k bonus so your bonus will be held over from ball to ball. I do this by making the left spinner that feeds to the saucer (3k bonus per saucer hit).

Once you have 5x bonus and have gotten the 25k saucer, there isn’t much to shoot at with the left flipper. At that point I will tap pass to the right flipper so I can rip the left 2k spinner.


The ball can come back to you pretty quick after you hit the drop targets. It can also head towards the gap between the flippers. Be ready to nudge the machine from right to left when the ball is rolling down the guide, right when it is passing the rubber post at the end of the guide. This should aim the ball at the left flippers instead of towards the middle.

The split flippers on the left can be hazardous, because the ball can slip between them when the flippers are up. Be prepared to flip as the ball is coming to the flippers, or even better you might try a dead bounce over to the right flipper.

Dead Bounce

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    1. Hi Linda! Sorry for the delay in response and hopefully you have already found the on switch. If you haven’t, most older machines have power switches on bottom surface of right front corner of the cabinet. A good way to find them is to start at the plunger, move down until you get to that right front leg, and then the switch is normally tucked underneath the game close to that right front leg.

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