Black Knight Sword of Rage Pro

So this is a first take on the machine after only a few plays. There are probably a lot more details to the game, but this is the way I have managed to have longer play times and decent scores.

The two main features of the game are modes and multiball.

To start a mode you hit the shots with lit lightning bolts. After making enough shots the center ramp (flail shot to the left of the knight) will be flashing. Make that shot and the shield (to the right of the knight) will raise, and the shield scoop will be lit to start your mode. When playing the mode, hit lit shots to get points, eventually collect a K-N-I-G-H-T letter, and even light your extra ball (after a mode completion?).

The main multiball is the Triple Knights Challenge. You light your lock by hitting the tiny shield standup target to the right of the main shield (it has a green light lock light pointing to it). This raises the main shield to reveal the shield scoop where you lock your ball. Lock three balls and you start multiball. The second multiball requires two shots to light your lock, and the third requires three shots.

During multiball I just try to hit the lit shots. There is an add-a-ball at the left orbit (with a nice yellow insert light) that may be qualified based on left orbit spinner spins. I just try hit enough lit shots and the add-a-ball eventually shows up.

When you complete K-N-I-G-H-T, the Knight mode (nice red insert) is lit at the left orbit. This is a cool multiball where the screen turns into a retro score display. The playfield is multiplied by the number of balls you have in play.

If the aqua colored “power” insert is lit on the knight, hitting it will give a 2x scoring for the current mode. This “sword of power” is filled and qualified mostly through right drop targets completions.


The name of the game is backhand, backhand, backhand. As you probably know, a backhand is a shot to the same side of the playfield as the flipper used. So a shot to the right from the right flipper or a shot to the left from the left flipper. The right and left orbits are safe to shoot normally. All other shots are safer with a backhand. This is because of the nasty black post rubbers around the rest of the shots. Since backhands are easier and more accurate from a cradle, you will want to control the ball as much as possible. The shield scoop and the center ramp can be backhanded while the ball is rolling, but it is early on the flipper so you have to be ready to make the shot.

Always be ready for the ball to shoot right back at you. The playfield is fairly short with the knight, shield, flail, mini-shield and a wall of black rubbers, so any missed shot or even a made shot flies back at you quickly. If the flail is rotating or blocking the center ramp, be prepared for it to zip back at you when you hit it.

Always be working on a mode or a multiball. From a cradle on the right flipper, depending on what is available I will go for the light lock, lock shot, or a mode shot. From the left flipper I am either lighting the mode start or making mode shots. This is most often by shooting the flail/center ramp, and getting used to making this shot on the fly helps a ton.

Try to bring a mode into multiball. Since the mode start and the lock are both at the shield scoop, you can even start both a mode and multiball at the same time. If I do not have a mode running or ready, I will avoid starting multiball (unless it is ball 3).

I never aim for the drop targets (build toward sword of power) or the left add-time stand ups (build to left outlane ball save). They randomly get hit all the time, and I want to be progressing towards modes or multiballs on every controlled shot.

The game is very right flipper heavy. The left orbit, center ramp, and shield scoop all feed to the right flipper, and anything from the pops drops toward the right flipper. Remember that the main shield/shield scoop is backhandable even when the ball is rolling.

When shooting at the left from the right flipper, the left orbit is pretty safe. The other spinner shot (between the left orbit and the flail/center ramp) is mostly safe due to the angle and only having one black rubber post. The flail/center ramp shot is always at least a little dangerous from the right, but going for it from a cradle or during multiball can help you figure out how to hit it.

I hope this helps. Playing this way made a game that I hated at first into a game that is sorta fun. Maybe it will grow on me.

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