The Getaway: High Speed II

Getaway is all about the RPMs, loops, freeways, and Redline Mania.


The red arrow shots increase your RPMs. Advance the RPM to complete redline and the machine will tell you to “shift gear”. Move the gear shift up or down (doesn’t matter which) to shift to the next gear. Your goal is to advance to 5th gear and redline it to light Redline Mania at the supercharger. Along the way you will be awarded 3 million, hold bonus, light the video mode, and the supercharger mode (5 million per RPM shot and more at the supercharger).


The inner loop from the upper flipper is the fastest way to collect RPMs. In addition to collecting RPM, consecutive loops awards progressive millions (I have gotten at least 15 in a row which is huge points). Remember to shift when the machine tells you (maxed redline) or you will be wasting RPM.


Any time the ball goes through an inlane, it lights the opposite Freeway (yellow insert) for a couple seconds. Making that orbit awards the flashing Freeway award (shown right above the flippers), and the last award lights the extra ball.

Completing (goes all the way around) an orbit also lights the Freeway shot at the side that you entered the orbit. This means a right orbit shot (pause) lights the right orbit Freeway (pause) and feeds the left flipper for an immediate on the fly attempt at the (just lit) right orbit Freeway!

Progress towards the first set of Freeway awards is carried over from ball to ball. Subsequent sets don’t hold progress, but it still means that an extra ball is only 5 Freeways away!

Redline Mania:

Redlining 5th gear lights Redline Mania at the supercharger. Hit the supercharger to collect 10 million, light the extra ball, light the kickback, make the Freeway worth 5 million, make all switches worth 500K, and start the multiball with the jackpot lit and the super jackpot value advanced to 100 million.

During multiball the ramp in back is lowered for the jackpot, and this can be made by a strong left orbit or inner loop shot. If you make the jackpot shot, you then have to get enough supercharger loops to light the super jackpot (each shot to the supercharger is worth 10 loops) at the ramp. Then repeat. Alternating jackpots and super jackpots that are lit by supercharger loops.

The Extras:

Main Multiball: Strangely the main multiball is an extra. You have to complete the green lights to lower the back ramp for the first lock, yellow lights for the second lock, and the red lights for the third lock. Then the multiball starts and you have to do supercharger loops to light the jackpot. The rest is just like the Redline Mania multiball but with lower super jackpot values. Since it is so much harder to get this “main” multiball started compared to Redline Mania, it really is just an extra for me.

Video Mode: Finishing third gear lights the video mode at the saucer. The easiest way to play the mode is to split the line between the center lane and either side lane. Then dodge the cars in those two lanes. When you have the chance (hopefully early) quickly hit the shifter up a bunch of times to get to 5th gear and increase your speed. If you get to the end without crashing it is worth about 25 million.

Kickback re-light: The left outlane is brutal. So having the kickback lit at all times is essential. A used kickback is basically an extra ball. Completing either the left or the right 1-2-3 bank before they timeout will re-light the kickback. Starting Redline Mania will also re-light the kickback, so if you are close to lighting Redline Mania, it might be safer than going for the 1-2-3 targets.


Basically my strategy is RPMs, loops, freeways, and Redline Mania. Take every inner loop possible. Take every lit Freeway. Shift gears as soon as possible. Ri-light the kickback. Lock balls just to open up the inner loop (and play an occasional multiball). If you do this you will get extra balls from Freeways and Redline Manias. And get lots and lots of points.

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