Stern Spider-Man

Doc Oct scoop on right starts a variety of multiballs. First one is just 2 shots

Green light lock target next to left orbit lights locks at both orbits. Lock 3 to start Blacksuit multiball. Subsequent multiballs take more hits to light lock.

Doc Oct and Blacksuit will stack with one another. This can act as a ballsaver.

Hitting all three stand-up targets on the right side will light Spider-sense, and I think Spider-sense is the add-a-ball during multiball.

Complete white arrow shots to light orbits for mode start and next main shot made will get 2x multiplier for rest of ball. You cannot start a mode during multiball, but can start a mode first and then start a multiball.

Completing mode will light 3x multiplier on next main shot made

Complete each of the villains once to light extra ball and second time to light Battle Royale at orbits. During Battle Royale hit each villain to light Royale jackpot at right ramp.

Play all modes and each of villains 3 times to get to end Super Hero wizard mode. Also may need to collect spidey sense at least once.

Combo multiball at 50 combos. 


Good base points by starting Doc Oct, then stack Blacksuit. During multiballs bash Sandman in addition to making main shots for good points.

If you are trying to get deep into the game, always start a mode before getting into a multiball. This gets you a 2x shot multiplier, lets you double up mode and multiball shots, might lead to a 3x shot multiplier, and gets you closer to Super Hero.

Backhanding the light lock target is pretty safe.

Backhanding Doc Oct is tight but safe.

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