Laser Cue

Top rollovers build bonus multiplier that is held between balls. Bonus multiplier can get up to 20x! The right flipper (and maybe left flipper) button rotates the lit lanes

Collect ball (number) targets in order to complete racks (solids or stripes and then 8 ball) and increase bonus. (Unconfirmed: Completing a rack lights extra ball at the 8 ball).

Balls 1 through 5 must be hit in order, and hitting a higher ball out of order will reverse your progress. When all five have been completed ball 6 is ready to be collected. Collecting ball 6 readies ball 7 and collecting ball 7 readies the 8 ball.

Hitting the 6, 7, or 8 ball stand ups before they are ready to be collected increases their eventual collect value.

After collecting the 8 ball, striped balls are lit

Completing B-A-L-L standups lights spinner for 1k.


From left and upper flipper hit right orbit to 8 ball target to builds 8 ball collect value up to 50k and feed upper rollovers for high bonus multiplier.

From right flipper go for 1-5 ball targets in order. When complete, priority becomes finishing 6, 7, and 8 balls.

Repeat above, hoping to build bonus multiplier to 20x by ball 3 and complete a couple racks of balls.

If spinner becomes lit, the spinner to upper lanes becomes the right flipper priority as long as bonus multiplier isn’t 20x.

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