Focus on getting the three rollover lanes (blue, yellow, green) and the drop targets.

Getting one of the rollover lanes lights the associated drop targets for 5,000 points per target (instead of 500 points) and lights the associated pop bumper for 1,000 (instead of 100).

When all the targets are completed, they all reset and some of the top rollover lanes light for special.

Try to avoid the right and left middle rollovers (behind the blue and green drop target banks) because they put the ball in danger of outlane drains. If you get into the middle rollover, nudge the machine forwards at the bottom post. This will push the ball up and towards the middle, where it will hopefully hit the angled rubber above the inlane and drop it into the inlane instead of rattling into the outlane.


I focus on getting two target banks lit. Once I have two lit, I focus on completing target banks, and hope that luck gets the third bank lit.

A light plunge that only hits the upper left rubber tends to be more successful at getting top rollover lanes than plunging harder and having the ball bounce left then right then to rollover lanes.

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