The skill shot (on the plunge) is multiplied by the number of balls you are on. The best is 100K x multiplier. Three good skill shots alone can sometimes win a game.

The Comet (center ramp) progressively awards (20-)40-60-80-100k-1 million. It becomes a timed shot when shooting for the million shot. The sequence restarts at 20 million after the first time-out or successful million.

The Cyclone (right ramp) progressively awards 50k-100k-progressive jackpot (displayed on the back glass). The Cyclone is always a timed shot and successfully hitting a shot resets the time you have to make the next shot. Since the feed comes back to the right flipper, it can be hard to quickly get the ball to the left flipper to make the next shot.

For both the Comet and the Cyclone, they become unlit when your time runs out or you collect the final award. You then have to re-light the shot. Completing the Shooting Gallery (right stand-ups) relights the Cyclone. Completing the Ball Toss (left stand-ups) relights the Comet. The big red stand-up to the right of Dracula spots a Ball Toss target and can be easily backhanded from the right flipper.

Completing the top rollovers start double scoring for 20 seconds.

The right inlane lights collect Ferris Wheel as a timed shot.

Multiple Shooting Gallery completions lights extra ball on outlanes. And an extra ball means another skill shot!


Go for repeated Comet millions. It is good points and fairly safe.

Relighting ramp shots is a huge priority. You always want the ramps to be lit.

Take Cyclone shot whenever available. It gives points, feeds to the right flipper for Comet, Ferris Wheel, and Ball Toss shots (including the big red standup backhand), and if you can manage to beat the timer and get the progressive jackpot it can make your game.

Take advantage of double scoring when it happens but I don’t prioritize completing the rollovers. It is very hard to beat the ramp shot timers and the 20 second double scoring timer at the same time. If you manage to double a million Comet or progressive Cyclone award, I tip my hat to you.

Strangely the Ferris Wheel during double scoring can add up.

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