(This mini-guide is my take on playing Fire! I am sure there is more nuance, but I couldn’t really find it. This is the way I managed to at least get decent scores.)

The skill shot on the plunge is to get it up midway for 100K. Go first in multiplayer to be able to lock balls and get extra skill shots.

Complete right and left lower banks to light locks. Locks are outer ramps when lit green.

A lit inlane automatically lights the lock on the opposite side. This can help you prepare for a lock shot on the roll.

After you lock a ball on both sides, shoot under a ramp to raise the center ladder ramp. Make the center ladder ramp to break through the window to start multiball.

The center horseshoe (way up top) raises the center fireplug to help save the ball and awards bonus multipliers when lit.

Hitting both the left and right steep Rescue Victim ramps lights the extra ball.

How I play (not even sure I should call it “strategy”):

Anytime a lock is lit, that is my priority. My main goal is to get into multiball.

During multiball I shoot the center horseshoe repeatedly to try to always have the fireplug up and build to 10x bonus. I tend to do better doing this than trying to put out all the fires for the million (which I have never succeeded and don’t even know what constitutes all the fires).

I pretty much ignore the Rescue Victim ramps because they are hard and dangerous without much reward.

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